Rob and Amanda took the Eat It Up to the SoMa district to visit Boulevard Bread Company on Main Street.

  • Boulevard Bread Co. is known for their fresh baked bread and delicious locally sourced food. They have multiple locations across Little Rock. The main hub where all the bread gets made is in the SoMa district. Their flagship Bistro and Bar is in the Heights neighborhood.
  • Boulevard doesn’t just bake bread for their locations, they bake for a variety of other local restaurants. They have a large selection of choices including baguettes, ciabatta, white sourdough, whole wheat sourdough, country rye sourdough, pagnotta, and even an 8 grain heart healthy option.
  • They bake so much bread it takes roughly 400-500 pounds of flour every day to meet their need!
  • At some of their locations they have great grab and go lunch options including delicious, fresh salads. The SoMa location regularly keeps a grab and go fridge stocked for those in a hurry during breakfast or lunch rush.
  • The Boulevard Bread Co. location in the Heights has great happy hour options with numerous food and drink specials. It’s a great place to try for a fun evening option with friends or a date.

Rob and Amanda’s Pro Tips

Rob: I usually don’t prefer the “healthier” options but their healthy breakfast sandwich is so good, I recommend it for anyone!

Amanda: I highly recommend their salads and even their lattes. If you aren’t hungry but want delicious coffee and lattes, they do a great job at that as well. Also, they have this super healthy chocolate cookie that rocked my world. Yes, I said healthy and cookie in the same sentence. It is great!