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The Breakfast Tray Food Truck brings fun and unique meals to central Arkansas

Down at The Breakfast Tray Food Truck, you'll find fun and unique options like the "Toast Malone," which have already made it a fan-favorite in central Arkansas.

CONWAY, Ark — Imagine loving breakfast so much that you make it your career.

Well, that’s exactly what Ryan and Tyler Henderson have done by creating The Breakfast Tray food truck, and central Arkansas sure is reaping the benefits.

The morning after the couple's wedding, owner Ryan cooked up a hearty breakfast for friends and family. It was love at first sight, or in this case, first taste.

The response that morning was enough of a confidence boost for Ryan to assure himself that he had a special talent. 

He continued working to concoct new, unique recipes, often fresh spins on old classics. After much trial and error, it was time to launch their new business-- The Breakfast Tray Food Truck.

Such an endeavor meant Ryan leaving his full time career. He wouldn’t be alone. His new bride Tyler was right there with him every step of the way.

Their leap of faith is just where the story begins. Since opening in 2021, their food truck has become wildly popular around central Arkansas, especially Conway.

Something we found especially endearing about The Breakfast Tray is their commitment to local ingredients and other food trucks. 

Whether it’s sourcing items or collaborating with competing food trucks, Ryan and Tyler are committed to the success of their fellow food trucks as much as they are their own.

No doubt the main driver of their success is the consistently good food, but customer experience is a close second. It’s genuinely fun to eat here. You can see it in the menu names which are as fun and silly as the menu items themselves. 

For instance, the “chicky on a stickey” is a delectable chicken tender on a stick, dipped in waffle batter and cooked perfectly. It’s so tasty, and super fun to say. 

We also have the "Toast Malone," which could be one of our favorite names of the menu.

One of Skot’s favorite foods of all time is biscuits and gravy. That’s not on the menu here. What is, however, is an item called the “bees and geez”. Before smothering the fresh, homemade biscuits in savory sausage gravy, Ryan deep fries the biscuit. It’s truly next level.

Make sure you stop on by, grab a bite, and definitely be sure to check out all of the menu names. 

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