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From shed to storefront, Cheesecake on Point’s name says it all

Before 2016, Matcha Norwood had never baked a day in her life. Now, she's known for making some of the best cheesecake in Arkansas!

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Matcha Norwood has an incredible story. She went from selling thousands of cheesecakes out of a little shed to having her own storefront. 

In fact, you may have had some of her desserts without even knowing it, as she provided desserts for Shark's Fish and Chicken and Yellow Rocket Concept restaurants.

Here are five interesting facts about Cheesecake on Point!

  1. Matcha Noorwood, the owner, didn’t always bake. At the end of 2015, someone told her about what a great stress reliever baking could be. She started making cinnamon rolls and selling those under the brand, Cinnalightful. It took off, and she started an account with local chain Shark's Fish & Chicken. Before long, Matcha was also fulfilling cheesecake orders for them. That’s how the cheesecake obsession began. After a customer referred to the Cheesecake recipe as being “on point” Cheesecake on Point was born.
  2. In 2019, at the Main Street Food Truck Festival in Little Rock, Norwood served cheesecake out of a little shed. That day, they sold 850 slices. Norwood soon upgraded to a food truck, which still exists today. But now, the larger storefront allows for a much-expanded clientele.
  3. In addition to full cheesecakes, they also sell personal cheesecakes made for one or two people and slices at the store. Cheesecake on Point also serves a popular cheesecake cupcake.
  4. There are a variety of flavors, and they sometimes even take special requests! Some of the most beloved, popular flavors include Strawberry Crumble and Brown Butter Pecan.
  5. They’re launching a cheesecake shake served in a big, glass jar and with a slice of cheesecake served on top! It’s a massive, photo-worthy shake that happens to have no ice cream at all. It’s all cheesecake (and a little milk!). Initially, this will be served on weekends.

Skot & Amanda’s Pro Tips:

Amanda: "Get the cheesecake cupcakes! Then, you can try multiple flavors and find your fave!"

Skot: "Brown Butter Pecan is a favorite for a reason. You can’t go wrong with it!"

For more info on Cheesecake on Point, visit www.cheesecakeonpoint.com!