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Cinnamon Crème Bakery | What's the secret behind the beloved cinnamon rolls?

Cinnamon Crème Bakery is a family-owned business in West Little Rock known for its huge and delicious homemade cinnamon rolls.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — For nearly three decades, the Cooper family has owned and operated restaurants and bakeries in Star City, Arkansas where they've left mouths watering for more. 

For many in that southeastern portion of Arkansas, their food has left quite the impression and has become iconic as a result.  

Now, the Cooper family is sharing those delicious, sweet treats with central Arkansas and we already can’t get enough of it!  

Their latest business is the Cinnamon Crème Bakery, located off Chenal Parkway in West Little Rock. 

Anyone who has ever visited here will rave about the cinnamon roll -- It’s HUGE! In fact, it’s so big it takes a full size to-go container just to hold one. They estimate they bake hundreds each week. 

Perhaps the most appetizing aspect of the Cooper’s cinnamon rolls is the frosting. There’s a not-so-secret ingredient…buttermilk! We promise you’ll love it.  

You can find many other unique baked goods at Cinnamon Crème including their families’ bread loves, which is something that southeast Arkansans have raved about for years. 

They keep their display cases stocked with fresh baked cookies, brownies, and assorted pastries with some gluten free options as well.  

Owner Truman Cooper loves that his family works at the bakery with him. He said it’s reminiscent of working with his mom, dad, and brothers at the Star City location that he grew up in. 

On any given day you’ll likely find Truman's wife Crystal and his two daughters Olivia and Celeste at the restaurant as well.  

The Cooper’s haven’t strayed from their strong southeast Arkansas roots. The family still drives to Little Rock each day. Talk about a labor of love!  

Be sure to tell them it’s your first time visiting Cinnamon Crème and they’ll give you a free cinnamon roll!  

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