This Arkansas-made burger joint is so much more than just a great place for sandwiches. They are innovating while providing some of the best beef you’ll ever find in a quick serve burger.

1. David’s Burgers is FULL of history. Black and white photos of family and friends throughout their restaurant help tell the story of how David’s Burgers came to be. David Alan Bubbus created David’s Burgers as a tribute to his father, David Bubbus Sr., who had become a master butcher at the age of sixteen. While the legacy of their family has been around for decades, David’s Burgers has been around for under a decade. But after 9 years, they have multiple locations across central Arkansas and their Arkansas-made brand continues to grow!

2. David’s Burgers cares so much about quality meat they even have a showcase of the fresh meat they use right by the ordering station. They only use beef that is hand cut from US Choice Chuck and ground for that days use. The US Choice Chuck displayed in a butcher case for all to see. No burgers ever include trimmings, fillers or other inferior beef by-products.

3. Quality, never frozen meat isn’t the only thing unique to David’s, their fries all come from hand cut potatoes made fresh throughout the day. Rumor has it, when you come inside to eat, you might get endless fries during your meal from their smiling employees!

4. David’s Burgers is innovative with multiple patents pending for their seasoning process and their beef smashing process. They ensure everyone gets the perfect amount of seasoning and the perfect juicy burger every time.

5. David’s Burgers has a commitment to above and beyond service and hospitality. It’s one of their major focuses when training new employees. They encourage all their employees to smile regularly and make customers feel like they’re with family.

Rob and Amanda’s Pro-Tips:

Rob: Even though they are famous for their burgers, the chicken sandwich is amazing too! Make sure to ask for some of their house made sauces too!

Amanda: When you’re getting the burger, get all the toppings you can! All topping are cut fresh each day and they are delicious!