LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- It's week four of our "Eat It Up" series, and this week, Amanda Jaeger and Rob Evans checked out At The Corner, located at 201 E. Markham in downtown Little Rock.

Here are our five big takeaways from this delicious brunch spot!

1. At The Corner is an all-female owned business! Plus, their head chef is also female! Both are rare in the restaurant industry. #Empowerment

(Kamiya Merrick, co-owner & executive chef, Leila King, co-owner and director of catering, Helen Grace King, co-owner and director of PR and marketing)

2. The restaurant is a family-owned operation. They all serve, greet, take orders and more! They’re putting FAMILY back into the diner experience!


3. Their brunch menu changes every weekend. They often team up with local events to make fun menus that are community centric like a special menu for when the World Taekwondo Championship came to Little Rock. They’ve even done a Shark Week menu with a drink called “Shark Infested Waters."

4. At The Corner offers breakfast ALL-DAY! Honestly, is it ever too late for biscuits and gravy?


5. Finally, this special place has an old-fashioned diner vibe with a modern twist! Some customers say they feel like they’re back in the “Happy Days” when they eat there.


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