LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Dos Rocas Beer & Tacos is a farm to table restaurant featuring homemade Latin American street food, the best of Arkansas craft beer, and fresh margaritas.

Dos Rocas

Here are five reasons the newly-opened Dos Rocas Beer and Tacos is becoming one of SoMa's most popular spots:

1. The concept is very unique to Little Rock. Dos Rocas is a farm to table Latin American street food restaurant and bar. It’s designed to make you feel like you’re eating amazing street food that is super authentic but in a restaurant environment.

2. Speaking of authentic, the people who work there truly know how to cook with real Latin flavor. The name Dos Rocas is a nod to the Co-Owner, Cesar Bordón, and his hometown. He grew up in Paraguay speaking Guarani. His hometown, Itá, means “rock” in Guarani. The other rock is, of course, Little Rock! They are bridging the two cultures and making something delicious come alive!

Dos Rocas

3. All of the corn tortillas are made fresh in house at Dos Rocas. All of their meat (and as much produce as possible) is sourced locally in Arkansas.

4. It’s not just the food that they make with authentic, fresh, local flavor. They serve Latin American cocktails and margaritas with fresh lime juice. You will also find 15 curated taps of local Arkansas beer as well as an assortment of Latin American beer.

5. From an operations and service standpoint, they have a team full of expertise sure to make your eating and drinking experience top notch. Jack Sundell and Corri Bristow-Sundell, are co-owners of Dos Rocas. In case you don’t recognize their names, they are the masterminds behind the award winning SOMA restaurant, The Root Café. When you think of growing and nurturing the SOMA district, those two are all-in.

Rob and Amanda Pro-Tips:

Amanda: I can’t stop thinking about how amazing the fried plantains are. Definitely grab those as an appetizer and enjoy the slightly sweet dish with fresh Honduran crema.

Rob: The pupusas and empanadas are all delicious. Or, grab a unique variety of their street tacos. Whatever combo you get, you can’t go wrong.