LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- In this week's episode of Eat It Up, THV11's Amanda Jaeger and Rob Evans hit up Little Rock's Red Door, located on Old Cantrell in the Riverdale area.


Here are five things to know about what makes Red Door unique!

  1. The name “Red Door” was chosen based off the owner, Mark Abernathy’s, red door décor hanging over the fireplace in his home. It was a gift Abernathy brought home from Mexico. Now, that same door hangs over the bar in the restaurant. There are many great stories of where that door has been but not all are real. Abernathy says he won’t tell which ones are true so you’ll have to indulge your imagination!


  • The food on the menu is described as Nouveau Schizophrenic. That means the menu is creative, all over the place, and doesn’t follow a specific trend. Abernathy said he puts food on the menu that he and his staff would love if they went out to a restaurant. The menu has been so successful, hardly any changes have been made to it since 2009.

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  • Red Door is known for their brunch. The have won Best Brunch in Little Rock multiple years by various local publications.

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  • Red door has amazing patio space in the front and back of the restaurant. Abernathy said they purposefully keep their wine prices lower than many restaurants around the city because so many people love to come and open a glass of wine and eat appetizers on the patio.

  • Red Door’s policy is to “come as you are”. It’s a perfect place for a fancy date night or anniversary dinner while also casual enough to come hang out with friends or even bring your kids.
  • BONUS FACT!: Abernathy also owns Loca Luna, the restaurant right next to Red Door. Many fans of Red Door are also frequent visitors to Loca Luna.