El Sur is a farm to table food truck inspired by Honduran food, who also serves Tacos and Arepas. Their vision came from their taco Friday tradition started almost five years ago when Luis was volunteering for a nonprofit, he and his housemates would make different authentic Latin American food every Friday night.

They truly believe they can add to the diversity of this city by sharing their food with all of you! Their mission is to be a traveling farm to table food truck that brings Honduran and Latin American food to you!

1. It doesn’t get more authentic than El Sur. Owner, Luis Vasquez, came to central Arkansas from Honduras five years ago and has worked for several local restaurants. He decided the city needed real, authentic, Honduran street food just like what he experienced back home. That’s exactly what he’s bringing to the traveling table that is El Sur!

2. Nearly everything from El Sur is made from scratch including the corn tortillas. They also use farmers market ingredients as often as possible.

3. One of their most popular items is their baleada. It’s a popular Honduran dish with a twist. They make theirs like a “better” burrito filled with authentic ingredients that are customizable with your choice of protein. They use everything from fresh avocado to fried plantains and fresh Honduran crèma in these fully packed baleadas.

4. Another popular item is their tacos al pastor. They have a small rotisserie right in the food truck cooking the pork shoulder to perfection. Juicy and full of flavor, it’s a fully loaded taco that fits right in the hand.

5. To beat the heat, make sure to grab one of their authentic Honduran popsicles as well. Made with fresh fruit, it’s a perfect way to enjoy a summer day.

Rob and Amanda’s Pro-Tips:

Amanda: Whatever you get to eat will be great, just make sure you grab one of their Mexican Cokes to drink!

Rob: Split a baleada with a friend and then try one of their tacos as well. You’ll want to sample a bit of everything at this place!

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