Franke’s Cafeteria has been around for nearly 100 years, and one thing has remained -- good food.

  1. Franke’s is a place with endless options with one of the longest cafeteria-style food bars in the state! They have something for nearly everyone: a Regular (a la carte) Plate for the more hearty appetites, a Lite Plate, for less cost and quantity conscience, and even a Veggie/Salad Plate for the veggie lovers.
  2. Franke’s is also a great place for families. For kids, they have a Child’s Plate for kids under 12. There are even nights where kids can eat free and can get a free “prize” from the treasure box in the dining room.
  3. The menu hasn’t changed too much from the original menu. The eggplant casserole and the custard pie are two long time favorites that have the same, original recipe.
  4. Franke's has several locations including two downtown and one on the city's west side. In celebration of the 100 year anniversary they also announced a Conway location.
  5. Franke’s has won many local awards in a variety of categories like Best Home Cooking/Best Cafeteria/Best Family Restaurant/Best Healthy Eating/and Best Plate Lunch among others.
Franke's Food

Rob and Amanda’s Pro Tips:

Amanda: With so many options don’t be afraid to try new things! We really liked pretty much everything we tried and we tried A LOT of the menu!

Rob: Try the chicken fingers, carrot salad, and hush puppies! Those were some of my favorites.