Catch some of the state’s best catfish at Eat My Catfish! 

1. Eat My Catfish (EMC) is a true American Dream story. When Travis Hester was 24-years-old he took a risk and opened a food trailer on the side of the road selling catfish. It was such a success, it sold out of catfish in under an hour. The rest is history. There are now four Eat My Catfish locations in Central Arkansas.

2. All of their seafood is fresh and never frozen. It’s of the highest quality and is U.S. farm-raised catfish with no hormones and no GMOs. Lightly fried to perfection, it’s no surprise Eat My Catfish has won many local awards for their seafood.

3. Catfish isn’t their only claim to fame. Many people flock to Eat My Catfish during crawfish season! They do live and cooked crawfish orders. They sell general field run and “select” crawfish that are strictly graded to weed out any small ones. They are one of the only Arkansas dealers with graded crawfish.

4. Eat My Catfish food tastes even better with a little Willy Dust Cajun Seasoning! It was made by Eat My Catfish and is such a fan favorite, people purchase it to take home for their own meals!

5. Don’t leave Eat My Catfish without a sweet treat. Their fan-favorite fried pies are the perfect ending to a salty meal. Apple, apricot, peach, chocolate and coconut pies with a dollop of ice cream are a delight!

Rob and Amanda’s Pro-Tips:

Amanda: Get a combo meal to get a taste of all the good stuff. Their fried catfish and fried shrimp are a great choice! With hush-puppies of course!

Rob: Start your meal with their fried pickle chips. They are some of the best fried pickles I have had!