5 Crazy Cool Reasons to Visit Crazee's Cafe!

1.) Crazee’s is known for their catfish. They are packed every Friday for their catfish special. They make their own secret recipe coater for all their catfish.

2.) Crazee’s is a great place to watch the game. They consider themselves “Hog Nation” and they regularly are filled with fans regardless of how the team is doing.

3.) Customers say Crazee’s is like a modern day “Cheers” where everyone that comes can be relaxed and comfortable. Many customers also have made life-long friends coming there over the years.

4.) After dinner, enjoy a game of pool. They have two great Billiard tables!

5.) If you are really feeling Crazee or want a late night shameless snack, order their foot long hot dog smothered in cheese and all the fixins. You’ll feel like you’re at the state fair but in the comfort of a relaxing restaurant.

Amanda’s pro tip: They have great hush puppies! Get a basket to share if you go with friends..or for yourself if you are really feelin’ hungry!

Rob’s pro tip: Have a chat with the regulars. They have some crazy stories and memories of Little Rock and Crazee’s!