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Sherwood’s 'hidden gem' garage bakery thrives in large brick & mortar

This 'hidden gem' found in Sherwood is a garage bakery that is now thriving in a large brick & mortar.

SHERWOOD, Ark. — When it started, The Humble Crumb was an inconspicuous neighborhood bakery operating out of a converted garage. Before long, the secret got out and the sugar rush came. The neighborhood streets were lined with cars. 

That massive community support has now led to filled seats in their new space: a renovated former daycare!

Reasons to Check out The Humble Crumb Bakery

  1. The Humble Crumb started as a passion project in a home kitchen and grew to operating out of a converted garage. Now, the owners have a commercial building in the middle of a Sherwood neighborhood.
  2. In August of 2017, just days after Betsy's (one of the owners) 5th baby was born, the family signed papers and purchased an old, beloved daycare at 110 Loop Road in Sherwood. They renovated the quaint building and converted it into a dine-in/take-out community bakery, gift shop, and small-occasion event space.
  3. The Humble Crumb rose in notoriety in large part to their massive, homemade cinnamon rolls. Created by Ruth (one of the owners), the cinnamon rolls became legendary in the family and community before she ever started selling them at farmer’s markets and out of their converted garage. Now, they are still a staple of the brick-and-mortar bakery’s expanded menu.
  4. The Humble Crumb serves lunch options that are also fresh and homemade. Their chicken salad sandwich with homemade grilled cranberry wild rice bread is a fan favorite. They also have to-go salads and more.
  5. The bakery, run by moms, has made it a mission to hire other moms to help run the store. They have given many moms and young women in the community jobs - with a passion for helping them grow.
Credit: KTHV

Skot and Amanda’s Pro Tips:

Amanda: They have a monthly “High Tea” on the first Tuesday of every month. How fun for the family!? Just book fast because it sells out quickly.

Skot: I loved the chicken salad sandwich with homemade grilled cranberry wild rice bread! And those cinnamon rolls, of course, are a must.

You can more details about the Humble Crumb here.