LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Five reasons Kemuri is voted one of the best places to eat in Little Rock:

1.)    The sushi bar is the true stunner of Kemuri. They have many crafted, unique options that could make anyone fall in love with sushi. They even have some sushi they make with fire like the crazy monkey! 

 2.)    Kemuri is consistently ranked as one of the top restaurants in Little Rock by local publications. They’ve won awards for everything from sushi to Japanese cuisine overall.

3.)    Kemuri is known for having a robata grill. They are one of the only Japanese restaurants in town that has one. Robata is a traditional Japanese style grilling which originated in Northern Japan by fishermen who slowly cooked their catches over coal boxes. It means fireside cooking. 

4.)    While the spot is a hot spot for eat-in lunch and dinner for the Hillcrest community, they do a lot of business through food delivery. Kemuri said a huge portion of their business is deliveries. 

5.)    Kemuri regularly adds new exciting specials to the menu so be sure to keep checking for something unique. They often try specials to see if they could be permanent menu options. 

Rob and Amanda Pro-Tips:

Rob: Try the dessert! The cappuccino jar is coffee flavored ice cream plus extra chocolate. It’s amazing. Plus, they add some fresh fruit to enjoy on the side. 

Amanda: Try to sit at a spot at the sushi bar so you can watch the sushi chef in action. It’s mesmerizing to watch the sushi being made and cooked with fire! The crazy monkey and poison rolls were my favorites!