LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Amanda Jaeger and Rob Evans visited Three Fold in downtown Little Rock this week. It's located at 6th and Main streets.

Here's what they learned:

1.) The restaurant’s name has three meanings. The first involves the primary items they serve: noodles, dumplings and buns. The second involves the way a dumpling is folded; it’s a three step process. Finally, it has to do with the idea that good things come not only in threes, but “Three fold” the amount of time, love and energy you put into the work you do.


2.) The type of cooking they do uses limited amounts of unhealthy produces like processed foods and oils. Their dumplings, for example, aren’t deep fried. That means a regular serving of 9 dumplings is only 370 calories.


3.) 3 Fold prides itself on not being a “typical” Chinese style restaurant. The walls are all white and the interior has a minimalist style. They wanted to show people a different experience with Chinese cooking with a focus solely on the food. They don’t even sell rice!


4.) On a typical lunch day, 3 Fold sells 2,500-3,000 dumplings. You can watch them hustle to cook all the food through their open kitchen area visible from nearly all areas of the dining room!


5.) 3 Fold has a pickup window outside the restaurant so you can quickly get your carry out orders without ever having to walk inside.


Rob’s Pro-Tip: There are different fillings for the dumplings so don’t be scared to try something new! They have chicken, pork, and tofu options.

Amanda: Grab the half and half bowl. It’s a good way to try their two top selling items: dumplings and noodles.

BOTH: Don’t leave without the house made Taro chips and sesame balls!