LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Another episode "Eat It Up" dropped this week, and in this installment, Amanda Jaeger and Rob Evans seek out what makes Doe's Eat Place such a unique, historic landmark in downtown Little Rock:

  1. Doe’s was one of President Clinton’s favorite places to eat! He held campaign events there, watched sports games, and ate his favorite item; their French fries.


  • Doe’s has been featured in national publications and television shows and was rated as a place where you’re most likely to spot a celebrity! (everyone from Tom Cruise to Wolf Blitzer has eaten there).

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  • Doe’s serves their steaks family style which means they bring out their huge 1, 2, and 3 pound steaks to the table for the whole family to eat together!

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  • There are other Doe’s locations across the country you can visit as well. The first location was in Greenville, MS and is still operating there to this day. See a list of locations here.

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  • Doe’s has been at the same location in downtown Little Rock for 30 years. The walls are covered with pictures of President Clinton’s visits and visits by other celebrities over the years. Take a visit one afternoon and get a piece of Little Rock history!

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