Low Ivy is a new food truck from well-known local chef Amanda Ivy.

Here are five things to know about the truck!

1. Despite it being a food truck, Amanda Ivy is a professional chef. She has worked at several established restaurants in Little Rock.

2. Ivy was a contestant on the Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network.

3. The menu changes out completely every month.

4. Ivy calls the food 'southern food, with a west coast flair.' She's from southern California, but was born in Mississippi and grew up with what she calls a 'southern father' who taught her about food.

5. They have an item on the menu right now called 'Old Yeller,' a cheese-infused sausage that Ivy makes herself.

Bonus tip!!!!

6. Ivy says duke's mayo is the key to making southern dishes great!

You can see where Low Ivy will be at the website below.

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