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Central Arkansans can once again enjoy Minute Man burgers!

Until recently, only one Minute Man remained in El Dorado. Now, the beloved restaurant is open in Jacksonville and traveling across Arkansas!

JACKSONVILLE, Ark. — The original Minute Man location opened on Broadway Street in 1948. At one time, it had 57 company-owned and franchised locations throughout Arkansas, Tennessee and Louisiana. 

Until recently, only one remained in El Dorado. Now, the beloved restaurant is open again in Jacksonville and the Minute Man Mobile is traveling across the state serving to fans everywhere.

Here are 5 reasons to get excited for Minute Man in Jacksonville!

1.) The new restaurant in Jacksonville is full of history. The walls are lined with old photographs of the original owner, Wesley Hall, and photos of some of the older locations from decades ago. If you want a side of nostalgia with your meal, it's perfect.

2.) They are also taking the new Minute Man on the road! The Minute Man Mobile Food Truck travels all over the state. You can check out their website to see the schedule of where they are parking each day. 

3.) Minute Man is known for their legendary burger and fries, which are made nearly exactly the way they were in the past. But along with the classics, Minute Man is also launching new things that they hope will make history in years to come -- one item being the new Charcoal-Rotisserie Chicken. It marinates for 24 hours in the secret mix of herbs and seasoning and then is chargrilled to a crispy, a fall off the bone experience. It's a healthier option for customers looking for that as well.

4.) Minute Man is also famous for their radar pies. The original Minute Man was one of the first restaurants in America to use a microwave, also known as a RadaRange, in its day-to-day operations to warm up individual fruit pies (which he called a “Radar Pie”). They still serve the pies in different flavors like apple, peach, cherry, strawberry and more.

5.) Back in the day, Mr. Hall partnered with Coca-Cola to design a signature glass that he gave away to his customers with the purchase of a beverage. To this day, if you bring one of those to Minute Man Jacksonville you can get free soda there for life. It's a collector's item!

Skot and Amanda's Pro Tips:

Amanda: "I love the burgers and fries, but was shocked by the new rotisserie chicken. It blew me away!"

Skot: "Don't leave without grabbing a radar pie. It's the perfect dessert for us meteorologists. Pie is always on my radar!"

Visit minutemanburgers.com for more info!

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