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Momma's Diner | Delicious southern comfort food at this Central Arkansas restaurant

Momma's Diner in Pine Bluff has become beloved in the community courtesy of its southern comfort food and friendly atmosphere in its restaurant.

PINE BLUFF, Ark. — When it comes to southern culture, mom-and-pop shops are as classic as it gets.

These community staples aren’t just where we have lunch after church on Sunday afternoons, it’s where friendships and family flourish and that’s exactly why Momma’s Diner in Pine Bluff is as popular as it is.  

The people who recommended this diner said things like “everything is good” or “try the burger, any burger”, so we just knew we had to try it and we weren't disappointed!  

Make no mistake about it, it’s the quality food that draws you to the large restaurant off 28th Street, but it’s the comradery that’ll bring you back. 

In fact, the employees are on a first name basis with most customers that walk through the doors often greeting each by name with a side of playful banter.  

You can describe Momma’s Diner with one word – homestyle

The kitchen resembles that of a typical home kitchen. The recipes used are tried and tested and as true to southern cuisine as you can imagine.  

Momma’s Diner offers a standing menu as well as a hot bar, with rotating options to choose from.  

Most surprisingly were the options available to those with dietary restrictions. An inclusive menu isn’t exactly the norm when it comes to southern style mom-and-pops, but it is at Momma’s Diner.  

Freda “Momma” Green made it her mission to develop gluten free recipes for things such as fried porkchops, chicken, cake, and burgers. 

The reason for such an effort is personal to Green. Her husband was diagnosed with celiac disease later in life, leaving him unable to enjoy all the dishes he had enjoyed most of his life.  

While you’ll still find Green at the restaurant, it’s her daughter Tonya that now runs the show. Tonya cooks using the recipes her grandmother and her momma passed to her, but sometimes adds what she calls a “Tonya Twist” to spice things up.  

For Tonya, running a restaurant was a childhood dream come true and that drives her commitment to quality food and superior customer service.  

Momma’s Diner has been open since 2009. Their menu and hours of operation can be found on their Facebook 

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