LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — 1.)    Just a few steps down from Nexus’ home location downtown, they added the Nexus Nook to the Central Arkansas Library System in the downtown location. Now, you can enjoy a great book and get your local coffee fix.

2.)    Speaking of local coffee, Nexus serves partners with Leiva’s Coffee, a family-owned roasting company that sources beans directly from producers in rural Guatemala. You can learn more about Leiva’s here (

3.)    Nexus is famous for their Nitro Cold Brew coffee. It’s coffee for people love coffee and hate coffee. Even Rob Evans fell in love with it. It is coffee infused with nitrogen. Similar to a soda fountain, nitrogenated coffee is extra smooth and looks a little like a Guinness. They have flavors ranging from Arnold Palmer to chocolate and blueberry. 

4.)    Creativity is a huge part of Nexus Coffee and Creative. They feature local artwork all over the store. They also have meeting spaces for creative collaboration and you get discounts on coffee when you book some of their community rooms!

5.)    Nexus also has a lot of fun community events like live music on Saturday nights and Trivia Tuesday’s once a month. They also do art shows and an event called Pour Over Prose; an open mic literary night.

Amanda and Rob Pro-Tips

Rob: Even if you don’t like coffee, like me, do yourself a favor and try the nitro brew! I am still not convinced there is actually coffee in it! It was smooth and sweet. I loved it!

Amanda: Nexus serves really delicious sandwiches and locally made breakfast and dessert items. Grab some food with that coffee and enjoy!