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At this Arkansas food truck everything is pink, even the pizza!

Down in Cabot, Arkansas is a food truck that serves up pink pizza (and pink sauce) and the families in town can't get enough of it!

CABOT, Ark. — What happens when a mechanical engineer and graphic designer team up to open a food truck? Bright pink pizza. 

You’re certainly not going to find pink pizza on many menus, but at The Pink Pepperoni that’s exactly what they are serving up – and some days hundreds of pink pizzas! 

The first question you may have is: why pink? For owners Brooke Ashworth and Allison Smart, they answer with “why not?” 

In fact their motto is, “Everything is better in pink.” 

What’s the secret to turning pizza dough bright pink? Many have speculated the secret ingredient to be strawberries, beet juice, and other naturally pink foods. Turns out the secret ingredient isn’t so secret. Simply just food coloring. 

It’s bright and it’s fun and has people in the Cabot community raving about it. Of course, kids especially love it! 

At the Pink Pepperoni you can find more than just the classic pepperoni pizza. 

The “Nice To Meat Ya” pizza is loaded with sausage, beef, pepperoni, and pork. 

While it is highly controversial, if you like pineapple on your pizza, you’ll love the Pink Paradise. 

Pairing nicely with the pink pies are the cheese sticks. On their own they taste great, but Brooke and Allison pride themselves in going the extra mile, or, in their words, being “bougie”. Bougie being slang for extra special. In the case of bougie cheese sticks – they’ll come loaded with meats of your choosing. 

Instead of the standard marinara sauce, the two young pizza entrepreneurs serve a very unique pink sauce. Sure it may look like Pepto, but it tastes amazing! 

It’s crafted with heavy whipping cream, curry paste, and sweet chili sauce. It’s so good that people often request extra. 

Brooke and Allison have been best friends for over twenty years, meeting each other at dance class. They always hoped to work together as adults, but never dreamed of co-owning a food truck. 

Brooke is a mechanical engineer who studied at Harding University and Allison is completing studies at the University of Central Arkansas for graphic design. Two very different career fields that require very different skillsets. Yet somehow through years of friendship, the two compliment each other just like cheese and pepperoni. 

Ready to try pink pizza? You can find them at The Quarry Food Truck Lot in Cabot off of Highway 5. 

They are open Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays. Check their Facebook for hours and special events.

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