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Retro Sno | This popular central Arkansas snow cone stand is run by a 17-year old

Say hello to Whit Wilcox, who isn't your average 17-year-old. While most are out and about during the summer, he's managing a popular snow cone stand in Arkansas.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Whit Wilcox isn’t your average 17-year-old. Instead of spending his summer vacation doing what most 17 year-olds do, he’s running one of central Arkansas’s most popular snow cone stands.

Last year Whit purchased Retro Sno from a friend, launching the sophomore Catholic High student into the world of business. From taxes, health inspections, payroll and managing a team of employees – Whit literally does it all and despite his age, he does it all very well! 

That much is evident as you’ll find a steady stream of customers lining up outside his stand hoping to beat the summer heat with one of his unique sweet treats.

So how does a 17-year-old learn what takes many adults decades? Well, it's trial and error and the cherished advice of friends and family.

“And then there's a lot of mistakes you have to learn from. And then my dad's been a help. I mean, he owns a small business himself so I ask him for advice and I'm so thankful,” said Whit.

For Whit, it’s not just about the snow cone at Retro Sno. The atmosphere is just as important as the snow cones themselves. It’s a fun spot with cornhole, tables and chairs, and upbeat music. The staff, most of which are Whit’s classmates, greet each customer with a smile.

You’ll find the snow cone staples such as tiger's blood and spider-man, but Whit’s menu has a lot of unique options to try. 

His personal recommendation is a wedding cake snow cone topped with cream and let us just say that it’s incredible. There are over 40 other flavors to try, including sugar-free options.

Retro Sno is located near the Promenade in West Little Rock at the intersection of Chenal Parkway and Arkansas Systems Drive. Hurry over to see him. He’ll pack up the stand in August when he heads back to school.

More information on the menu, hours, and location can be found on the Retro Sno Facebook.

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