NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Purple Cow is a locally owned small franchise in Little Rock that is famous for their Purple Milkshakes, cheese dip and more! The Eat It Up team checked out their brand new location in North Little Rock and tried their award winning food and shakes!

1. According to an article by USA Today, The Purple Cow was named the best place to get a milkshake in Arkansas. They get all of their ice cream from Yarnell’s, an Arkansas owned and operated premium ice cream brand.

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2. The purple milkshake is one of their best sellers. It has a sweet, creamy vanilla taste. The purple color? It’s a secret as to what all goes in to give it that great taste and color. However, one version of a purple cow is vanilla ice cream mixed with grape soda.

3. Not only are there a lot of milkshake flavors to choose from or customize, Purple Cow also has “grown-up” milkshakes with liquor mixed in. One of their most popular flavors in this category is the Apple Pie Lightning. It has vanilla ice cream with a shot of Rocktown Distillery’s Apple Pie Arkansas Lightning and chunks of homemade apple pie.

4. Purple Cow is also known for their white cheese dip. It’s a homemade recipe that has been praised by local publications and customers.

5. All of the Purple Cow locations have a retro classic diner vibe but the new location in front of McCain Mall has even more modern touches. All locations are a family friendly environment. They even serve the ice cream in 1950s style parfait cups and give customers the tins full of leftover milkshake too. It’s like getting two milkshakes for one!

Rob and Amanda’s Pro Tips:

Amanda: Try the cheese dip and grab a burger! They have some delicious burgers!

Rob: If you go to the NLR McCain location grab a seat at the bar for lunch or dinner! You can watch them make all the delicious shakes behind the bar while you enjoy your meal.

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