H.B.'s has been a staple of the Little Rock food scene since the '60s.

Here are five reasons H.B.'s is entwined with Little Rock history.

1.) HB’s has been around in Little Rock since the 1960s. It has been in the same location and owned by the same family!

2.) The restaurant is in an actual neighborhood in Southwest Little Rock. It’s the definition of a hidden gem! They proudly call themselves a “hole in the wall” because they know the food speaks for itself!

3.) They only have one sauce. It’s their special, secret sauce they use for all their BBQ. Their motto is “you only need one” when it’s that good!

4.) The menu is crazy affordable! You can get some of the best BBQ in town for a DEAL/STEAL! Under 5 bucks for one of their famous BBQ sandwiches. Most everything else is under 10 bucks.

5.) Bring CASH! That’s all they take. Old school but good school.

Rob and Amanda’s Pro Tips:

Amanda: Get the BBQ first but then TAMALES. Ask for the tamales covered in chili and cheese. Life changer!

Rob: Ask to take some of their favorite sauce home with you. They bottle a few up in the back!