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Sushi Cafe West brings traditional dishes to central Arkansas

Most would agree that good sushi is hard to come by, but Sushi Cafe West makes that search easier, providing great traditional dishes to the community.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Most agree that good sushi is hard to come by. But for Jacob Chi, owner of Sushi Café West, a years-long pursuit to bring high quality sushi to central Arkansas has made that search much easier.  

It won’t surprise you to learn that the "Razorback Roll" is wildly popular. Wrapped in fresh tuna and avocado, this specialty roll is filled with shrimp, crabstick and spicy sauce – Woo Pig Sushi!  

The most popular item on the menu is the "Bomb" – a lightly fried roll with spicy crawfish, crabstick, cream cheese, and special sauce.  

Sushi Café prides itself on offering a unique “Asian fusion”. You’ll no doubt find all the classics, such as California and spicy tuna rolls, but you’ll also enjoy a wide selection of unique spins sure to surprise you. 

Dishes here are inspired by a “fusion” of Japanese, Malaysian, and Chinese recipes with occasional influence from European culture.  

If you’re like Skot, you may be apprehensive to the idea of eating raw fish. Lucky for you, there are a ton of other options. 

The staff at Sushi Cafe West will be happy to guide your sushi journey with options you’ll be comfortable with, raw and cooked alike. If you still have questions, just call Hayden and he won’t steer you wrong!  

Born on an Air Force base in Guam to Taiwanese parents, Jacob has spent 40 years in the restaurant business. 

In addition to Sushi Café West, he operates Chi’s Asian Café as well as Sushi Café in the Heights. 

When opening Sushi Café West in 2015, he wanted to offer central Arkansas an opportunity to fall in love with a cuisine that he and his family cherished. Based off reviews, it appears central Arkansas has done just that!  

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