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This popular Mexican food truck is expanding to brick-and-mortar

Tacos Godoy is providing Arkansas the tradition of cooking up authentic, made-from-scratch tacos and more.


5 Reasons to Check Out Tacos Godoy

1. Established in 2019, Tacos Godoy is a family-owned food truck that specializes in traditional Mexican guisados, which are stewed or braised dishes made from fresh ingredients and served on a fresh corn tortilla. 

They have a food truck, a mobile truck, and now a brick-and-mortar location in West Little Rock that has a patio, party rooms, and a 100-person overall capacity.

2. The brick-and-mortar location is the location of the former Thirst N’ Howl space on Cantrell in West Little Rock. 

The Tacos Godoy concept is unique because the space won’t be used as a traditional sit-down restaurant. At the space, one Tacos Godoy truck is permanently parked outside. You order from a truck and head inside to eat and drink. 

On the inside, they have a bar that offers beer and margaritas. They have kept the stage inside to allow for musical performances in the future.

3. Godoy is the nickname of owner, Alejandro Gutierrez, who grew up in Chicago but spent most of his childhood and early teens selling tacos with his family on the streets of Mexico City. 

Now, the family is using their authentic recipes here in Arkansas. The recipes are the creation of his mother who still works with him to this day.

4. The tacos made at Tacos Godoy are authentic, even down to each corn tortilla being made by hand using freshly ground nixtamalized corn. 

Staying true to how it’s done in Mexico City, the recipes never have lettuce or tomatoes or pico. They dress the tacos with onions, cilantro, lemon wedges, and green or red salsa.

5. Next to Tacos Godoy’s new physical location is the space of another popular food truck turned brick-and-mortar, The Croissanterie. 

The Pizza Café is also next door. They hope to work together to create an outdoor dining space like SOMA’s and create a food/entertainment destination for West Little Rock.