All of July we have foodie kid guest-hosting Eat It Up! It’s going to be such a fun month of episodes! Everyone, meet Blake!!

From their unique trademark “stuffy” pizzas to “the pink sauce” there’s a lot to try that may surprise you!

  1. Damgoode pies is an Arkansas made favorite pizza place with multiple locations around central Arkansas and NW Arkansas.
  2. Their largest location is by the Little Rock Rivermarket which can hold up to 300 people. With gorgeous river views from their big outdoor patio to fun free arcade games inside for families, it’s a popular spot for people of all ages downtown.
  3. They offer a unique pizza called the “stuffy”. It’s Damgoode's original, award-winning, double crust that’s kind of like a mix between Chicago style pizza and a calzone!  It has “extra everything” and sauce on top.
  4. Speaking of sauce, that’s Damgoode’s specialty. They have a wide selection of sauces to choose from for your pizzas and pasta dishes. One of their most popular sauces is the “Pink Sauce”. It’s a mix of their original red sauce and the spicy white sauce.
  5. If you’re wanting a quick delicious lunch, make sure to visit on Tuesdays for SLICE DAY! Discounted slices are hot and ready to eat for those on the go!

Rob and Amanda’s Pro Tips

Rob: Make sure to try out the free arcade games in the back of the restaurant because they are fun for people of all ages! Also, get the “stuffy” style pizza.

Amanda: The pink sauce is really good and has just enough spice and flavor to add a special kick to any pizza or pasta. My favorite pizza there is the Hawaiian with extra pineapple!