CONWAY, Ark. — You can’t go to Conway and NOT eat at Stoby’s. There’s a reason it’s legendary for more than just amazing cheese dip..

1. Even through difficult times Stoby’s has persevered through the years. The original Stoby’s Restaurant opened in Conway in 1980 and became a community favorite. In 2016, it caught fire because of a vent hood malfunction and had to be rebuilt. The community again came together to support the new location; a modern place filled with fun history and homages to the Stoby’s of the past. When you visit check out the timeline wall to see the rich history of Stoby’s in the community.

2. One of their best-selling burgers is the peanut butter and jelly bacon jalepeno cheeseburger. It’s both a mouthful of a title and a mouthful of a big burger! The flavor combination may seem odd but it has stolen the hearts of Stoby regulars!

3. Perhaps what Stoby’s is most known for is Stoby’s Original Cheese Dip. It is legendary and a favorite of people all across Arkansas. It has won numerous cheese dip competitions. The thick, rich dip is made with 100-percent real cheese and is a treat for cheese dip lovers. According to the owner, David Stobaugh, a generation of customers grew up eating Stoby’s cheese dip as infants and still crave it today.

4. You can’t visit Stoby’s without heading to the sweet and savory bakery, PattiCakes, behind the restaurant. Operated by Patti Stobaugh, the bakery is another community gem. In fact, if you eat at Stoby’s, you get a discount on some delicious treats over at PattiCakes afterwards!

5. Stoby’s got famous nearly 40 years ago for its Stoby sandwich; a simple concept with many different combinations. It’s still a great “must-have” if you’re visiting for the first time. It’s a yummy sandwich with your choice of three meats, two cheeses, Stoby’s special homemade dressing, a juicy tomato and crisp lettuce all between your choice of bread.

Rob and Amanda’s Pro Tips:

Rob: Order cheese dip, then order another one, and other one. Basically, you need ALL the cheese dip

Amanda: I agree with Rob, but also try their breakfast. They have been voted as having some of the best breakfast in the nation according to national and local publications.