LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The Box has been around since 1948 serving big, juicy burgers and seasoned fries. They’re only open for lunch so they know how to do lunch right.

1. While The Box has moved locations over the years, they still use the same grill that they always have. It’s a legendary flat top that has cooked countless burgers and more in its decade’s long history.

2. Because The Box has been around so long, they have the long sought “Cheers” vibe where everyone knows your name. The restaurant has plenty of regulars who order their favorites over and over again.

3. The Box is known for its burgers and is frequently selected by local publications as having some of the best in town. They are big and juicy 80/20 ground chuck beef seasoned to perfection. The Box calls it “old fashioned” style. The way a burger is “supposed to be”.

4. The fries deserve recognition too! Every bite has a nice crunchy texture with a great dose of seasoning. It’s no surprise their fries have won awards throughout the years, as well.

5. While they are a solid burger and fry joint, they have plenty of other goodies on the menu. Their fried bologna sandwich is a big hit and so is their jerk chicken sandwich.

Rob and Amanda’s Pro-Tips:

Amanda: The Box is only open from 11-2 each day and it can get busy so get there early. If it’s your first time visiting, you can’t go wrong getting the burger and fries. Next time you visit, you can venture the rest of the menu.

Rob: Add a fried egg to your burger. It makes it even juicier!

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