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Top Dog Catering in Cabot has a hot dog that weighs a HALF POUND!

Skot and Hayden visited Top Dog Catering food truck in Cabot. It's a story of tragedy to triumph and how they are changing lives one hot dog at a time.

CABOT, Ark. — From a near-death tragedy to triumph – that’s the story of how Top Dog Catering in Cabot was born. 

Two years ago owner Neil Bradford was in an accident that left him in a coma for six months, subsequently losing his job. 

It was this experience that left Neil and his wife Natalee knowing firsthand what it’s like to be in need, and that’s something they hope to prevent others from experiencing…one hot dog at a time!

These aren’t your average hotdogs. They are gourmet farm-fresh, all-beef dogs. Their menu offers multiple toppings to choose from, ranging from sauerkraut to homemade chilly. 

Whatever you choose, pair it with one of their homemade cherry limeades or strawberry lemonades.

If you’re feeling brave, you can try to slay the “beast," the name of their hot-dog that weighs in at a whopping HALF POUND! Finish it under one minute and thirty seven seconds and you’ll get a free t-shirt!

Neil and Natalee take their proceeds and invest back into the local homeless community. They take their hotdog cart to shelters to serve hot dogs and provide supplies to those in need. While this is the heart of  their mission, their growth has allowed them to give back in other ways.

“We're all just a tragedy away from being there ourselves," Neil said, "and most of us are paycheck to paycheck, day to day type in situation. So, we started out wanting to really support non-federally funded shelters, and we do still do that, but we found out real quick within a couple months of our lives when we first started opening it."

There's a lot of hard-working, taxpaying people that struggle with some sort of tragedy that's beyond their control, and they have a difficult decision. They can't do both. It's either pay their bills or buy groceries.

That’s where Neil and Natalee come in. Stories of Neil and Natalee helping with utility assistance are common.

You can find Neil’s schedule on their Facebook, or you can visit Natalee’s brand new food truck at it’s permanent location in Cabot. You can find more information on how to support their homeless supply drive here.

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