From donut burgers to waffle chicken sandwiches and more, there’s a reason the lines are out the door for this Park Hill restaurant and bar.

  1. North Bar became famous nationwide for their unique burgers and interesting menu items. The Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives show even came to the restaurant to feature them in one of the episodes!
  2. One of their most popular burgers is the donut burger. Stacked high with beef, bacon, cheese, jelly, and more, it is all sandwiched between two fresh donuts from the Daylight Donuts right around the corner.
  3. Another one of their popular sandwiches is like a taste of breakfast. It’s called the Sugar Daddy. It’s two waffles with fried chicken, an egg, bacon, cheese, and jelly piled high in the middle. Don’t forget to pour on the syrup!
  4. While the North Bar has a lot of meaty choices, they are also known for their vegan and vegetarian selection. They have even been awarded for having such a vast selection by local publications.
  5. While the restaurant is family-friendly, they do have a large selection of local beers at their bar. They are constantly bringing in new local beers on tap for people to try. Speaking of local, they coordinate with local farmers and other local producers as much as possible to incorporate those ingredients in their menus. Their desserts come from Flywheel Pies in Prescott, Arkansas.

Rob and Amanda’s Pro Tips

Rob: If you have never eaten something totally wild, this is the place to try it. You could get a classic burger but this is a place to have fun and try something totally new.

Amanda: If you’re going for dinner, get there early – especially on weekends. They are known for having some long lines!