Five Reasons We’re Bananas for Monkey Burger!

1.) They have one of the biggest burgers in Little Rock! The Maniac has three patties totaling over 1.5 pounds. It’s topped with mayo, cheese, onions, egg and bacon. Few people have eaten it in a single setting! The owner says he can’t even do it!

2.) If the Maniac sounds a little too crazy for you, get their classic Monkey Burger that the restaurant is named after. Nix a beef patty, egg and bacon from the Maniac and you have the Monkey Burger!

3.) Okay, okay. Two patties still seeming crazy? Get the Edge. It’s the Maniac minus two patties. It’s a crowd favorite next to the Monkey Burger.

4.) Monkey Burger has a program with a local school in southwest Little Rock that gives kids free burgers for reading books. It’s a way for the business to encourage youth literacy with a major perk.

5.) Right now, Monkey Burger is undergoing some remodeling, making more room for parties and events. So, if you’re interested in hosting a birthday party, for example, their renovated second room might be the place to go!

Robs pro-tip: I choose the Edge burger every time! It’s a good entry level option if you’re new to Monkey Burger.

Amanda’s pro-tip: Even if you get the Maniac, still get the fries! They are extra crunchy and delicious!

Bonus tip!: Monkey Burger is located in College Station near the airport, making it a great stop on the way to the airport or place to take friends after you’ve picked them up.