LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — 1.)    The great debate is whether ZAZA is a salad place or pizza place. They do a great job at both! They sell almost half and half. So, let’s start with the pizzas. ZAZA is all about thin-crust, wood-fired pizzas made with delicious fresh ingredients. The pizza comes with house-made pizza sauce that’s all natural and made fresh every morning.  They regularly have new, unique specialty pizzas to try based on seasonal offerings. Because the pizzas have a thinner crust and are customizable, it’s also easy to create a healthier option. 

2.)    The salads are huge and full of delicious fresh ingredients as well. Plus, like the pizzas, they are totally customizable so they can be as healthy or hearty as you’d like! They also have quite the variety of homemade dressings to choose from and seasonal specials. 

3.)    You can’t talk about ZAZA without mentioning their creamy, rich gelato. Shockingly, gelato has less fat than traditional ice cream but it comes with no less flavor! Check out their unique options throughout the year. They are made in-house. 

4.)    The location of Little Rock’s ZAZA has a rich history. The restaurant is 2 stories and is housed in part of the old Heights Theatre Building. 

5.)    If you’re looking for a place chock full of vegetarian options, this is the place for you. They also have plenty of kids options with a kids menu!

Rob and Amanda's Pro-Tips

Amanda: Get the best of both worlds and share a salad and a pizza with a friend or loved one. The salads are so big that it’s perfect to split in half and enjoy with the pie of your choice!

Rob: Don’t leave without getting that gelato! Also, try the hot honey soppressata pizza! 

*They also have a great patio so it’s lovely for a nice sunny day.