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Mama D's Diner goes viral for 'My Girlfriend is Not Hungry' menu option

The North Little Rock restaurant offers an option for those who tend to dine with people that steal food off their plate.

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A restaurant in North Little Rock went viral for solving an important problem: girlfriends who say they aren’t hungry and then pick off of your plate.

Mama D’s Diner has a menu item just for these situations.

“Your wife, your girlfriend, you know, they’re always hungry, but they say they aren’t,” North Little Rock resident Craig Wood said.

It’s a frustration shared by many.

“Oh yes, lots of times with women and even some of my homies that eat off of my plate,” David Wolfe said.

Mama D’s Diner solves this problem for just $4.25.

“I think everybody can relate that when we go out, our girlfriend or our wife will be like, ‘oh I’m okay with salad or I’m okay with this small thing or a drink,' but at the end they’ll be picking on your food,” co-owner Andrew Putra said.

Their menu item called “My Girlfriend is Not Hungry” gained lots of attention.

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It includes extra French fries and two chicken wings or three fried cheese sticks.

“We can give them their options now so people don’t have to spend too much, but they can get small portions that they can eat,” Putra said.

It’s a family-owned restaurant that opened about two months ago.

“Mama D is my mom, her name is Daisy," Putra said. "We have a twist, we have fried rice on the menu also. That’s our homemade, like my mom’s homemade recipe."

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The post led to more foot traffic in the eatery.

“Since Sunday it’s just like wow, there’s an extra volume. But okay! I think it’s a good thing. We don’t know if it’s because of this or not, but I hope it is,” Putra said.

He said it’s also a great option for anyone who’s still hungry after their meal.

Their menu also has other funny names to keep guests laughing.

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