LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Most of us are trying to eat better in the new year. It's a good time to help your family eat better, too.

All Aboard is a restaurant with ideas to get your kids to eat healthy.

"For all those...looking for healthy options - not only for kids of young ages but kids of all ages - we've come up with a unique way of delivering food where we give you healthy options," said Vince Schallenberg, the Owner-Operator of All Aboard.

Their fun menu includes red pepper humus with fresh fruit, the sweet chili choo-choo, shrimp with steamed vegetables, homemade hush puppies and even an all-beet burger.

"It's made by a company called Beyond Meats. You'll look at it, you'll taste it, you wouldn't ever know that you're eating a beets burger," said Schallenberg.

Aside from being healthy, Schallenberg promises these meals will leave you feeling full.

"This is filled with protein; this will actually fill you up," he said. "There's a study that [says that] two cups of broccoli is equivalent to eating a 6-ounce steak."

All Aboard is an 'eatertainery' that delivers all your food by train. They have two locations, one in Little Rock and one in Benton.

For more information on the kid-friendly restaurant visit their website.