This morning, Trader Joe's #756 that will be located in west Little Rock has applied for a liquor license, making the dream that much closer to reality.

Many in the community have been excited about the upcoming health food store for many reasons, one being that the store is stock-full of foods that those with food allergies and sensitivities can eat and enjoy. Before, customers would have to travel to the Tulsa location for groceries.

Trader Joe’s is going to be located in the shopping outlet's now closed Toys-R-Us location in west Little Rock.

The store is well-known across the country for having gourmet food and large selections of frozen and foreign foods and wine at reasonable prices. It draws big crowds, which many say has declined since the closing of the Toys-R-Us.

And now, not only is it official, but it looks like America's Grocery Sweetheart will have alcohol.

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