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Arkansas 1st grader buys snacks for family after earning free lunch with teacher

The student, who earned a free lunch, opted to buy snacks for his family. And the Facebook post is going viral for his big heart and compassion.

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — An Arkansas 1st grade teacher's post about one of her students is going viral after he earned a free lunch with the teacher.

Vanessa Schoessel, a 1st-grade teacher at Crystal Hill Elementary in North Little Rock posted on her Facebook page that the 1st-grade student, 7-year-old Samuel, "earned lunch with his teacher." 

Instead of choosing lunch at any restaurant, he instead wanted to "go to the store and buy snacks for his family."

Schoessel said when they got to the grocery store, Samuel walked past "all toy displays, candy aisles, and never once stopped to choose anything for himself."

He decided to get apples for a sister, goldfish for another sister and grapes for his mother.

"Every day I go to work hoping to teach these students something but they end up teaching me the most important lessons of all," Schoessel said. "His selflessness and love for his family is so special!"

And it's that generosity and the heartwarming gesture from the 7-year-old student that has caused the post to go viral.

It has over 13,000 shares and 22,000 likes on Facebook.

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