Thank you. Two words that can go a very long way.

The most important lesson taught at South Knoxville Elementary School on Monday may have been a lesson in gratitude.

"Thank you for giving us the tickets. I went to the game on Saturday. I liked it a lot," said second-grader Catherine Luster as she read from a note she had just written. "On Saturday you did really, really good on the Homecoming game."

Last week, hundreds of people from across the country donated more than 300 University of Tennessee football tickets to the kids at South Knoxville Elementary School. Many of the students had never been to a game.

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On Monday, the students' first day back at school, the kids wrote thank you letters to every person who donated tickets.

"Dear UT fans, thank you for donating tickets to us," wrote second-grader Zachary Householder. "My favorite part of the game was the dog because it was cute. The Vols scored a touchdown. It was 24-10. Vols got 24 and South Miss got 10."

Householder watched the game on Saturday in Neyland Stadium with his parents and twin brother Riley, who is also a student in the class.

"Thank you for donating tickets to us," Riley wrote in his thank you note. "This is my first and ever game and it is a game I will never forget."

At school Monday, students in the class hummed "Rocky Top" all day long, breaking out into song intermittently with the whole class.

The school will send out the thank you notes soon. It's a small token of appreciation to thank Vols fans from all across the country.