Imagine being in a relationship for 4 and a half years and you're ready to take the next step. You have been planning the perfect proposal for the last year and you’re ready to get married and have your happily ever after. So, you get the perfect ring and you’re ready to pop the question. Then, unexpectedly, the relationship ends. Now, you're left with heartbreak and a diamond ring.

This is Mike Cowles story but it isn't the end of his love story. It’s actually just the beginning.

When Cowles’ relationship ended, he wasn’t sure what he was going to do with the engagement ring he bought. Did he want to sell it? Would it sit in a drawer the rest of his life?

“I wasn’t sure what I was gonna do”, said Cowles. “Heartbreak is never easy.”

Then, it hit him one day.

“I felt that somebody could use this ring.”

But what could make someone give away a $2,000 ring?

Perhaps, someone else. Someone who had the same story as Cowles.

“My mom actually shared a video on Facebook about a guy that did this as well.”

Around 6 months ago, a man named Steven Crocker shared his story of love and loss. He posted on Facebook that he wanted to give away his engagement ring after his relationship ended in heartbreak. His post was shared around the world over a thousand times. His story reached so many people, the winner of the ring was revealed on NBC Nightly News.

“After seeing that video I knew there was a purpose for that ring and it was to bless someone else,” said Cowles.

That’s when Cowles decided to share his story on Facebook, too.

“I feel like someone is waiting on this.”

Since posting, over 300 people have shared it and the response has been overwhelming. He has received numerous emails and messages from people sharing their love story hoping for a shot at the ring.

“Love stories like that make me glad that I did it and true love does exist.”

Cowles is hoping to give the ring to the most deserving couple out there.

“This is giving me hope that this is the reason that all that did happen,” said Cowles. “So I can bless someone that's not fortunate enough at this time in life to be able to do what they want to do and take the next step with the person they love.”

Cowles said everyone deserves a chance at love. Perhaps, even a second chance.

“I'm definitely hopeful on finding new love,” said Cowles. “Definitely hopeful.”

If you or someone you know would be a good candidate for this free ring (originally priced at nearly $2,000) you can email Mike Cowles. Please include your love story and reasons why you feel you’re the most deserving.