CABOT, Ark. (KTHV) - The holidays are supposed to be a joyous time filled with laughter and cheer.

But for some, it's just the opposite, especially those away from their home and loved ones.

Every single day, Brandy Crow pays a special visit to her mother Barbara.

“How have you been feeling today, feeling alright?” said Brandy.

In April of 2017, her mother was diagnosed with lung cancer, and later, both bone and brain cancer.

Barbara was enrolled in Baptist Hospice for a month before moving full-time to the Cabot Health and Rehab facility two weeks ago.

“Since April it has been a very long road,” said Brandy.

It is here where Barbara will most likely spend the holidays, away from home and her loved ones.

“I have no idea, my legs don't seem to want to work, so it depends on them I guess,” Barbara said.

However, just because she won't be home doesn't mean she'll be forgotten.

On Monday, Barbara received a surprise special delivery from Baptist Hospice workers. They delivered a lit-up Christmas tree to her room.

“It’s nice, I like it. That way I don't have to sit and look at four empty walls,” said Barbara.

She isn’t alone. 15 patients will receive their own Christmas trees, a small way to bring a big smile to those who need it most.

“It makes us feel like we are showing them that we really do care for them because we do,” said Judy Bury, a social worker at Baptist Hospice.

“I haven’t seen that smile on her face in a long time and it’s wonderful,” said Brandy.

Baptist Hospice staff worked to decorate the trees and will deliver them up this week.

Bury said some of the trees and decorations are donated, but some of the staff will pay for the rest of them out of pocket.