BENTON, Ark. — A Benton barber has made it his mission not only to give good cuts and styles, but to make men out of boys.

Shay Campbell owns The Shop-Classic Barber & Shave Parlor. He’s a certified barber and a self-proclaimed influencer.

"We look at it as a father son place,” said Campbell.

He has an eye for rad hair designs, but where he finds a greater purpose is guiding young boys who make their way to his booth.

"So many of them grow up without fathers,” he said. “They look to their preachers, coaches, and barbers. I think we are in this position to help these kids."

Right now, his younger clients are learning what it means to give back to people who are less fortunate.

"With that being said, we loved the idea of the Blessing Box,” said Campbell. “We've seen them pop up all over Arkansas.”

You may have seen some scattered around your town.

A Blessing Box is a “Free for All” food box stocked with nonperishable items and drinks that anyone in need can grab and move on.

"We've influenced the kids to do fundraisers to keep the pantry stocked, and they have,” said Campbell. “My goal is to show them that every little thing you do helps someone.”

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Indeed, it does. While we were at the barber shop filming, a homeless man from Texas was passing through on foot, trying to find his way home.

He’s been sleeping behind Kroger for several days.

On his walk Tuesday, he spotted the Blessing Box. He grabbed a granola bar inside, which became what he thought would be his only meal for the day.

"I saw this the other night, but it was dark and I didn’t know exactly what it was or if I could actually take something. I’m starving today so I figured I’d stop by and get a snack,” said the man.

He also ended up getting a hot bowl of macaroni and a haircut before he went on his way.

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"I’m glad we could help him and get him cleaned up and get him cooler out there,” said Campbell.

It’s more than just a good haircut, but a lesson about love and giving that Shay hopes his clients take away.

Food for the Blessing Box is in high demand. If you would like to donate non-perishable food items, the shop is located at 115 N East Street in Benton.