GILBERT, Ariz — A Gilbert family is getting memories they thought they'd have to skip this year thanks to fellow first responders rallying around them. 

Adam Walker, a Casa Grande firefighter, his wife Sandee and their family take a trip every year to experience snow. 

But their two-year-old daughter Quinn only has half a heart. She's had two open-heart surgeries so far and will head into her third in April. 

"She can't go up this year because she's too sick," Sandee Walker said. 

Quinn's medical conditions require extra oxygen and leave her unable to take part in certain things, like the family's annual snow trip. 

"We really wanted to take her and do a cabin, but the cardiologist said no way, this year so," Walker said. 

Corporal Mike Bejarano with Casa Grande Police Department got a tip from a Valley ER nurse saying the Walkers needed a snow day. 

"We all love snow and she can't go to the snow obviously because of the oxygen and her medical conditions and it's just the right thing to do," Bejarano said. 

Bejarano with the help of others arranged for 5 tons of snow to be delivered right to the Walker family's front door. 

"I couldn't believe it," Walker said. 

The winter delivery transformed the Walkers' driveway into a scene worthy of the high country, allowing the whole family to play together. 

"She has to be on oxygen while she plays, but we'll take it," Walker said. "Just trying to soak up as many memories as we can."