SPRINGERVILLE, Ariz. - A husband and wife in eastern Arizona might just be the perfect couple – for a reason you might not expect.

Shawn and Cathy Husley married in 2012 and started a life together in Springerville, Arizona.

Just a few months after their wedding, Shawn started having health problems. After a number of doctors appointments, he got a diagnosis: kidney failure.

"I was in stage four, and my stages were progressing," he said. "And it was time to start searching for a donor."

Shawn and Cathy turned out to be a perfect match, something that happens one percent of the time.

However, even with this good news, the couple faced a number of roadblocks.

"Mayo told us no," said Cathy. "I had microscopic blood in my urine."

Banner Health also refused to perform the transplant procedure for the couple.

On their third try, St. Joseph's Hospital said yes. Now their surgeries are scheduled for Aug. 1.

Shawn is looking forward to a new lease on life.

"I want to travel. I want to swim. I want to drink water," he said.

But he also worries about the uphill battle his wife now faces.

"I want to be happy, but it's like, 'How is my wife? What does she feel like?'" he said.

After the surgery, Cathy will be a part of Shawn in a way most couples never experience.