Over the last few months, we've brought you updates on Louie Schneider. 

He’s a 9-year-old boy from Alexander, Arkansas, who’s living with a terminal illness.

“Since December when he really crashed for the first time, we’ve had three moments where he really should be dead,” Louie’s mother Kristy Schneider said. “Instead, God has said, ‘I’m not done with you,’ and continues to sustain his life.”

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Despite all the odds stacked against him, Louie is still inspiring others across the world, including a baseball team in Bryant who have re-named their team "Louie Strong." 

Tuesday night, the team invited Louie and his family to a game at Bishop Park and asked Louie to throw out the first pitch.

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“Louie will never play a competitive sport. He’ll never run the bases, he’ll never be able to hit a ball in a game, but he’s got the support of people who can,” Kristy said. 

“Every day we wake up and when there's something special like this that we can grab onto and bring Louie joy and hope and forget for a minute how hard life is for him, it’s a beautiful thing for our family."

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“Nobody knows when his last day will be,” Louie Strong team Coach Adam Baker said. “So we’re just trying to make every day of his life awesome. He brings joy to everyone that sees him and meets him.”

“Louie is fighting every day to live,” Kristy said. “It is a miracle that he is here.”