It's been awhile since we've had an update on little Louie, the boy who loves law enforcement, letters and everyone he meets.

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Louie's still in the hospital, and his parents and siblings spend every day there with him.

They thought that Louie's last day would have already come, but he's fighting and he's not ready to give up. 

Hundreds and hundreds of people all across the country have rallied behind this Arkansas boy who had one simple request, proving that sometimes it’s the smallest things, like a handwritten letter, that can make the biggest difference.  

Now, they're hoping to keep up his spirits by starting a new collection -- law enforcement 'challenge coins.'

Just like Louie's letters, he hopes to get coins from all over the world.

Mail coins to Louie here:

C/O Project Zero
10 Kings Court
Little Rock, Ark. 72211 

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