WARD, Ark. — Thousands of parents will take their kiddos out Halloween night for some trick-or-treat fun, but for one little boy, the night came much earlier this year.

Four-year-old Alyx Castillo battles Cystic Fibrosis. 

It’s a terminal illness that sometimes puts a damper on his childhood, like on Halloween night.

His lungs can’t take the cold air, so trick-or-treating in low temps could land him in the hospital for weeks.

“Anything we can do to keep him away from the hospital, we'll do it,” said Jeisse Castillo, his father. “Any little thing can make him sick.”

Alyx is fighting off a cold, taking two antibiotics a day so the family decided not to take chances Halloween night.

But when Castillo posted his concerns about his son on social media, tons of their neighbors started sending their addresses.

“They were saying, 'hey we'll open our doors for you to come out,'” said Castillo. “They asked what his favorite candy is and were so generous.”

So Tuesday was Halloween for Alyx, two days before the actual holiday.

He went to numerous homes who replied to his dad's Facebook post and got buckets full of all his favorite candy and more than what he expected.

"Flash lights, coloring books, colors, hot wheels, all kinds of things,” said Castillo.

Castillo has spent years spreading awareness about his son's Cystic Fibrosis; from walking the streets to speaking at events, but he said nothing compared to the magnitude of what the community did for his child when he needed them most.

"That smile on his face was the best thing we could have ever asked for,” said Castillo. “All I can say is thank you.”

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