DENVER, Colorado — When former THV11 reporter Katlyn Gardenhire got into a Denver Uber, she struck up a conversation with her driver, not realizing what kind of day she had ahead of her.

Gardenhire's post about her day with her Uber driver was liked and shared hundreds of times, teaching us to always give kindness, because you never know who could use it.

After Gardenhire's boyfriend’s flight got cancelled due to weather conditions, she decided to make the most of her weekend. Gardenhire loves the outdoors, so, to turn her weekend around, she decided to order an Uber to a popular Denver park. 

As her Uber driver pulled up, she hopped in the front seat and noticed an adorable, gray haired, older gentleman, named Robert. That's when the conversations began.

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Gardenhire learned Robert was retired Postal worker and an Air Force veteran, who drives Uber for fun and extra cash. She realized he was a kind man and somewhat lonely in Denver with the rest of his family back in Texas. 

After the drive to the mountains, Gardenhire said she could tell Robert was in awe of the mountains, and decided to ask him to join her for some sight seeing. She wasn't expecting him to accept the invite, but he did and their adventurous day began. 

Throughout the day, the two went on a 1.5 mile hike, ate lunch together, stopped for coffee, candy and at a few bookstores. They ended their day with a trip to the ice skating rink and lots of pictures to remember this wonderful day.

Gardenhire and Robert talked the whole day and learned a lot about each other. They also discovered they share the same birthday, after a woman asked to check their ID's.

After their fun-filled day, the two exchanged Facebook pages, and Robert told Gardenhire that she made his day. 

"Saturday morning I could’ve easily just gotten in the back of Robert’s car, ignored him and played on my phone but I decided to be kind," Gardenhire said in her Facebook post. "I engaged in conversation, asked questions, and got to know someone. Little did I know what the day would unfold but I don’t regret it one bit! Bottom line, you never know who could use your kindness. Be kind, be present, be positive, make a difference."

Gardenhire said she would give give Robert 5 out of 5 stars and would absoloutely recommend him.

Gardenhire was a reporter for THV11 from 2016-2018.

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