KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — There's nothing spooky about these sweet little pumpkins!

Nurses, doctors and volunteers at the University of Tennessee Medical Center crafted costumes for the 48 babies in the NICU to celebrate their first Halloween in style.

Having a child in this unit can usually be a scary time, but these costumes give a sense of normalcy for the parents.

Kim Massey, nurse manager of the NICU, said the unit has been doing this for several years to give it a festive atmosphere.

"A few of the families have made their own costumes, but they have a lot to worry about so we make sure there's plenty for everybody," Massey said.

Massey said seeing the babies in their adorable costumes makes Halloween a happy day in the unit. 

"Well, a lot of times the families don't get those first milestones, those first celebrations, those first holidays so it gives it a lot more of that wonderful normal good start to the whole family and life with the baby," Massey said.

Sheriann Baker, a mother of triplets in NICU, said it was a joy to see her boys, Connor, Quinn and Corwin, dressed as the three blind mice thanks to the nurses.

"It is so special. With them here, it's been very difficult," Baker said. "And this is a true treasure to see them all dressed up in costume, especially when we couldn't do it at home."

She said she and her husband have already started planning more trio costumes for the boys' future Halloweens.

Here's to many years of trick-or-treating, little ones! Happy Halloween!

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