CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The power of social media is impacting the life of a homeless man and his dog.

The pair was walking to try to find food when they were spotted by some caring people.

The story was posted on Facebook and is now catching the attention of hundreds. It’s no secret life can be like a roller coaster, but Alan Lord has had more ups and downs than most.

“I have a hard time asking for money,” Lord said.

In just the last seven months, Lord has gone through the hardship of being heartbroken from a ‘bad divorce’ to homeless.

“I worked for Bank in America for about ten years,” Lord said.

It’s his four legged friend, Levi, that’s gotten through the toughest times.

“It was five degrees one night, and the only thing I had to keep me alive was the dog,” says Lord.

However, this month a new group of people entered his life, after spotting him pushing Levi in a cart to the Burger King in South Park.

The people posted about Lord and Levi on the Facebook group, Ballantyne Connection. It caught the attention of hundreds of others including Terri McConnell, who is now paying for Lord’s motel and groceries.

“His home went into foreclosure, lost his car, it’s one of those things that it could happen to any of us,” said McConnell.

Meanwhile, an online fundraising page has already raised more than $1,000 for Lord. Now, he’s starting to have new hopes for a future job.

“Training dogs for people in wheelchairs and vets returning home with Posttraumatic Stress Disorders,” said Lord.

“We see the people holding the signs and we automatically think, ‘Yeah they just don’t want to work or they’re lazy’, and it’s just not always the case and it was a big eye opener for me,” said McConnell.

“It makes me feel good about America,” said Lord.

McConnell said moving forward the goal is to pay for a motel for a month for Lord, while they look for other resources to get him back on his feet.