LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - For 4 years, Easterseals Arkansas has given adults with disabilities the opportunity to create beautiful works of art. They create art from wood, ceramics, paint and more.

This year, the Easterseals will again hold their annual art popup shop where people from the community can come out and purchase gorgeous, locally made gifts for the holidays. The gifts are not only beautiful, they have a lot of purpose behind them.

Easterseals Art Instructor, Laura Terry, said she quit her 9-5 desk job at a hospital after realizing the huge impact of art on adults with disabilities. Now, she works with individuals of all abilities helping them to create all types of unique art.

“Art is for all people, whether you are in a wheelchair or have autism,” she said. “Everything is done with the adults and by the adults.”

She said that regardless of a person’s ability they yearn to do creative things and have expression. Adults she works with also want to get involved in the community. This pop-up shop allows them to exhibit their art to show people they are still part of the community.

"They are still here and they are ready to show the world what they can do,” said Terry. “They get to see a sense of pride and enjoyment from the things that they are providing to the community. The fact the community wants to come see them is so exciting to them.”

Easterseals’ Public Relations Coordinator, Jillian McGehee, said the students created unique art this year that is unlike anything they have done in the past. She said the items make for great gifts and have a great purpose.

“Some new things this year are ceramics and wood pieces that I don't think you can find anywhere else,” she said. “They are really unique and it speaks to people knowing where it came from and the special meaning behind it.”

McGehee says the ultimate goal in the art classes and the popup shop is to give people who are sometimes forgotten about a chance to shine and be independent.

“We take each individual and help them reach for and fulfill their full potential,” she said.

The popup shop opens at the Easterseals building on Cantrell Thursday and Friday at 10 a.m. All proceeds from the sale go toward providing art supplies for the students.

For more details, visit their Facebook event page.